Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (or AI), where computer algorithms are programmed to improve automatically as they continue to be used. Essentially, machine learning is the process of computers following a set of rules for collecting and analyzing and then solving problems or making decisions based on that same data. Related to statistics and data collection, it’s sometimes called predictive analytics. The algorithms help machines “learn” by giving the computer a specific task to complete, typically involving calculations or data collection, analysis and insight creation.

3 Different Types of Machine Learning

Machine learning comes in three different types:


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If you read our last blog about how to build trust with a chatbot, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things your chatbot needs to do to be as useful as possible for your investment.

It seems like a whole lot of work up front and plenty of complicated programming that your team may not have the time or expertise for. So how do you get the benefits of a chatbot without having to start a whole new department and hire in-house programmers?

Summon a Superhero!

You send out the signal to summon a superhero, errmm… that is, have…

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The business use cases for chatbots are nearly endless, but there are also interesting and impactful ways that chatbots can be used for social good around the world. In particular, our favourite technology is a fantastic medium for improving access to much-needed education in emerging international markets.

Smartphone vs. Laptop Usage in Emerging Markets

In many emerging markets access to a smartphone is much more common than access to a laptop or desktop computer. And while there are still gaps in ownership between the women and men of some emerging markets, many people will share a smartphone in order to access the apps and information they require.

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is already being widely deployed across industries, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t even have imagined. The financial sector, which is heavily regulated, may not seem like an industry that would be poised to harness cutting-edge technology. But with the right planning, regulatory experts, and smart selection of use cases, AI can be put to work for the good of the employees and customers.

Where AI in Banking and Finance Gets Put to Work

AI in banking and finance can also lead to huge cost savings, within different business units or channels. There are three main channels where banks can use artificial intelligence. These include the front…

Your company already has a recycling program, has invested in training around minimizing waste of all kinds, and routinely seeks to purchase materials and services ethically. But is that really enough? Could you be pushing the boundaries a little bit more to do your part in creating a future where we aren’t worried about sustainability?

The answer is a tough one because most of us want to do all we can to ensure future generations are left with a planet that is healthy. But there may be ways you can do even more using technologies you previously wouldn’t have considered.

How VR and AR Can Be Used to Further Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Virtual Reality or VR is a fast-growing sector of the technology industry, but before you pass this off as a fad or something that’s only being used for gaming, read on. VR is not just for video games anymore. Big business is using the tech to put their workers into the situations they need, virtually.

The pandemic has forced many people to work from home. How do you get people into the same room when there are social distancing requirements? How can an employee help another troubleshoot a problem on a manufacturing shop floor when they aren’t allowed in the…

WhatsApp is used by two billion people worldwide on a monthly basis. That’s almost twice the monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. With the greatest global reach, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp chatbots are also on the rise.

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WhatsApp Chatbots Poised to Partner with NGOs

In addition to overall users, WhatsApp dominates the marketplace in certain locales around the globe. For instance, the countries with the most WhatsApp users are:

NGOs (or non-governmental organizations, which are non-profit organizations) could strategically leverage the power of WhatsApp chatbots to communicate with people all over the world, but especially in the countries above that are heavy users of the app…

Why do you need to heighten chatbot security, isn’t this already thought of in development?

The answer is just as complicated as the security requirements you may need in place. Chatbots are one of the most popular digital trends especially with evolving business needs, not to mention, advancements in different messaging platforms, which are resulting in rapid chatbot development. Rapid development can mean missing pieces and this is why we need to focus on our security levels.

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When To Heighten Chatbot Security

When you first get started with your chatbot design it can be easy to get excited and lost in the advancements in AI…

The stock market is a human-designed, human-run financial system. It was created to give value to corporations. In the 1960s, the average share was held for four years. Now, the average share is held for less than 10 seconds.

With the introduction of AI to the stock market, it has completely changed the way that the stock market operates. With this rapid buying and selling, companies need to adjust their strategies. There are a variety of industries AI will disrupt — Wall Street being one of them.

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How Can Wall Street Benefit From AI?

AI-driven systems can foresee market trends but also help to make the trade…

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Data-driven business insights allow you to make strategic business decisions that could give you a distinct competitive advantage. You can glean a surprising amount of strategic business insights from conversational AI chatbots.

An example of a strategic business insight might be that customers often say a competitor’s product is of higher quality. You could obtain these insights from social media, reviews, and even direct contact with customers. But that’s a ton of work.

AI (or artificial intelligence), using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), can help you collect data and show you trends like above, saving time and…

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